Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red wolf breeding pair 11470 & 11872 (Valentine’s Day edition)

As we mentioned in the last blog entry, most of the red wolves being captured and processed in the field right now are being returned to their home range and released.  However, there are special circumstances where we will try to pair up a lone animal with a new mate before release.  In 2012, we experienced 19 red wolf mortalities.  One of these losses was a male breeder paired with a female (11470) in the Northern pack.  To ensure that she is paired with an appropriate mate (another red wolf), we took the opportunity to play matchmatcher with a recent captured male, 11872, who is a young disperser living a neighboring home range. We introduced them to each other in a captive pen first to allow them to meet and investigate the other animal and new surroundings.  Next, they will be moved together and released into her home range.  With any success, they will approve of each other’s company and establish as a new breeding wolf pair!

 11470, a breeding female red wolf. Photo: A. Beyer/USFWS.

 Introduction day in the captive pen. Photo: A. Beyer/USFWS.

  Checking each other out in the captive pen. Photo: A. Beyer/USFWS.

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  1. He looks to be a little more interested in her than she in him. Hopefully Cupid's arrow will find her.