Monday, September 23, 2013

RWSSP of the month—Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School (Millbrook, NY)

The Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (RWSSP) is the foundation of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. To let people know what’s happening throughout the program through, we are continuing to feature different RWSSP locations.  The RWSSP of the month is the Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School. The zoo is one-of-a-kind, representing the only zoo in this country that is located at a high school. The zoo was established in 1936 at Millbrook School, a coeducational independent high school in Millbrook, New York. Its founder, Frank Trevor, was Millbrook School’s first biology teacher and a man with a passion for sharing his love of wildlife with all people, especially children.

Trevor Zoo currently is home to 80 different species, including seven endangered species.  The first red wolf came to Trevor Zoo in 2007.  In January 2012, the female received a mate who was transferred from RWSSP facility, Jackson Zoo (Jackson, MS).  It was a match made in heaven as they quickly paired and had six pups that spring (May 2012): four females and two males. The breeding male then left in January 2013 to be paired with another female for the 2013 breeding season at RWSSP site, Wolf Conservation Center (South Salem, NY). The four sisters were recently transferred to a new RWSSP site, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site (Charleston, SC) this summer.  The breeding female and two male pups are still on exhibit at Trevor Zoo.

Here’s a video of the pups when they were 5 days old at their first health examination:
The zoo is also very active in fundraising and community outreach.  This past spring they partnered with the Keep Safe Project, which focuses on raising awareness for endangered species. Artists were invited to decorate 100 wooden keepsafe boxes for fundraising for different causes, including red wolf conservation. Online bidding for the boxes occurred in April and was a wonderful success! Together, these artists and donors raised over $2300 for the Red Wolf Recovery Program and red wolf conservation efforts. Thank you Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School and the Keep Safe Project! We are grateful to these partners for their continued role in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan and send a thank you to all their staff.

Please visit their website or Facebook page for more information!

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