Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Wild red wolf pup. Photo credit: B. Harrison/USFWS.

Today in honor of Earth Day 2014, we recognize the evolving challenges of conservation. Many threatened and endangered species are still in decline, causing scientists and concerned citizens to find new ways to find a more sustainable future.  How can you help?

1         1.  Learn about red wolves and other wildlife
Wolves and other predators are often misunderstood.  Education is key.  The more you know the more effective you will be at changing attitudes.  Visit the Red Wolf Recovery Program  and USFWS Endangered Species websites to get started! 

       2.   Visit a place where red wolves live
Plan a trip to red wolf country in northeastern North Carolina, the only place red wolves currently exist in the wild. Visit a zoo or nature center in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan.  Find a red wolf exhibit near you.

       3.  Get involved
Support the work of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan, or one of our many partners.  We can work together!

      4.  Express your concerns about wildlife
Talk to elected officials, lawmakers, and leaders of civic and business organizations.  Ask them to support wildlife conservation efforts and programs. Find your state representative here.

      5.  Protect natural areas
Red wolves and other wildlife need space and wild lands to thrive.  Support land conservation initiatives and programs.  We work with The Nature Conservancy, the Wildlands Network, and other groups on land protection issues.

      6.  Reduce your carbon footprint
Climate change impacts many wildlife species.  Learn how you can calculate and reduce your carbon footprint.

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