Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome new RWSSP sites: Akron Zoo and Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site!

The success of the Red Wolf Recovery Program is partially due to developing strong conservation partnerships. The Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (RWSSP) is the foundation of the recovery program. Without its collective expertise and resources, the future of the red wolf would be uncertain.  This month we will start highlighting different RWSSP facilities to let people know what’s happening throughout the recovery program. We will feature one RWSSP partner each month on the blog.

To kick off our first feature, we actually have two RWSSP partners we’re excited to share—both of which are brand new and have red wolf exhibits opening this month.
Photo Credit: Trevor Zoo
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site is part of the South Carolinas State Park system and is located in historic Charleston.  The new Red Wolf Habitat in their Animal Forest is the new home for four sisters from another RWSSP site, Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School in New York.  These females are approximately one year of age. Their grand opening was earlier this month.  Here's a short video showing the habitat and red wolves at their new home. Please visit their website, Friends of Charles Towne Landing, or Facebook page for more information!
Photo Credit: Akron Zoo
Akron Zoo (Akron, Ohio) first open in 1953 and has been expanding ever since.  It is the new home to two female red wolves, which will be in their newly constructed Mike and Molly Stark Grizzly Ridge.  This new exhibit will include grizzly bears, bald eagles, river otters, and native Ohio birds.  In addition to these animals, red wolves and coyotes will also be featured for the first time at the zoo.  The exhibit opens July 20. Please visit their website or Facebook page for more information!

We are grateful to these new partners in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan and send a big welcome to all their staff!

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